Hold Me Tight® Course for Couples





Enjoying a loving connection with our partner is so important. We all do best when we can depend on each other for nurturing, connection and fun. But relationships aren’t always easy and sometimes it helps to take time out to chat things through.


The Hold Me Tight® course we run was written by Dr Sue Johnson, originator of Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT) and author of the best selling book, Hold Me Tight. In the 7 sessions we look at how we can get stuck and learn new ways of relating which deepen our understanding and increase our intimacy. Led by an experienced team and supported by EFT therapists, each session has a presentation, film clips and space for you as a couple to complete the couples exercise together.


The course is suitable for any couple who have in a committed relationship for over 2 years. It runs over seven evenings for 2 hours each time, and there is a recommended donation of £180 per couple to help us cover costs.  The next course begins on 13th May 2019 and runs through to 1st July (excluding Monday 27th May).  We do not charge a fixed amount as we don’t want to exclude anyone but we do ask those who are able to give a donation of  £180 per couple for the 7 sessions.


What previous participants have said:

“We are very grateful to have had an opportunity to attend the course and focus on our relationship. We appreciate that finance was not held against us as we are in a limited position.”

“We are taking away some new language of ‘dances’ and ‘raw spots’ and will be continuing trying to find our ways to be there for each other more.”

‘It’s hard to underestimate the importance of this course as a harbour when perhaps many of us had begun to feel that all there is, is storm; and as an introduction to a process, that one hopes will unfold for the rest of our lives…. So bravo. We love you at St Mary’s. And will try and love each other better as we go.”

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