Created for Connection Training Days

Anyone who has been involved in pastoral ministry for any length of time will have been involved in trying to support troubled marriages. Couples often know what they are supposed to do (to love and to cherish till death do us part) but they don’t always know how to do this or why it feels so hard.


Created for Connection was written by two marriage therapists with 60 years experience (between them) for helping distressed couples. The programme goes deeper than the more familiar ‘light touch’ approaches and has a proven track record in helping couples who feel stuck to find their way back to connection and intimacy. In our experience it helps a range of couples, from those who want to simply enrich their relationship to those who know that they are unhappy and in trouble.  The content is Biblical and rooted in God’s view of love and connection.


The course is run over 7 weeks (or a weekend) and uses a mixture of presentations, video clips  and exercises that are designed for couples to work through on their own.


If you or your church, are interested to learn more about this course please contact us here.