Hold Me Tight

Enjoying a loving connection with our partner is a vital need for all couples. We need an accessible and responsive partner, and we do best when we can depend on our partner for nurturing, protection and fun. We all want a positive answer to the key questions in love relationships: Are you there for me? Do I matter to you? Am I enough?


Considerable work has been done on how to help couples continue to enjoy this loving connection throughout their relationship. Dr Sue Johnson is a pioneer in this field and has developed a Hold Me Tight® course which we are using. This material is based on the bestselling book ‘Hold Me Tight – Conversations for Connection’.


The course uses a mixture of presentations by trained facilitators, video clips of how this approach works and exercises that are designed for you to work through individually as a couple. Emotionally Focused couples therapists help run the course and are available for help and support during the sessions.


The course is suitable for any couple who have been married (or in a committed relationship) for over 2 years. It runs over seven evenings, and there is a recommended donation of £180 per couple to help us cover costs.


The next course is lightly to be in the Summer 2019.