Circle of Security – Parenting Training for Facilitators

The Circle of Security is a relationship based early intervention programme designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. The need for such approaches was highlighted in the government backed report “Conception to age 2 – the age of opportunity”. The report recommended Circle of Security as an approach that helps to develop secure attachment.

“Insecurely attached children are more vulnerable and they and their families need help. Without help insecurely attached children begin to soak up statutory resources from an early age through such ‘externalising’ and ‘internalising’ behaviours as aggression, non-compliance, negativity and immaturity, compulsive compliance and pervasive low self-esteem” (Page 6 – Framework for local area service commissioners – “Conception to age 2”)


Circle of Security Parenting 4 day –  Training for facilitators

The Circle of Security Parenting© Programme is a parenting education programme which offers the core components of the evidence based and internationally acclaimed COS© protocol which  implements decades of attachment research in an accessible step-by-step process for use in group settings, home visitation, or individual counselling.

This 4-Day seminar trains professionals to use an eight chapter DVD to educate parents and caregivers. The programme presents video examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in caregiving, and animated graphic designed to clarify principles central to COS©.

The training course is designed for social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, health visitors, family support workers, nursery workers, outreach workers, behaviour support specialists, and anyone providing parenting education or support to parents of young children.


The Centre is hosting two training sessions this year:


6th – 9th June 2017 run by Neil Boris, COS Trainer

19th – 22nd September 2017 run by Glen Cooper, COS Originator


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Animated videos for parents and professionals interested in The Circle of Security Parenting© Programme


Being with and Circle of Security

Good Enough

Connection and Circle of Security